Website Design & Development

Web Design and Development

BCS has an extensive history of successfully building, maintaining and marketing websites for our clients and others for over a decade. Our primary goal when working with the websites of our clients is developing long term solutions that allow them to grow.

We understand that these days you can get a website built by any number of highly accessible or visible sources. The difference that we offer is a┬ásolutions-driven partnership between your company and BCS, where we comprehensive analyze and strategically determine your needs and build solutions based on what will best serve you. We can then implement frameworks and custom solutions based on those needs — as you build and grow your plan for online success.

Client Management

One of the key aspects of our web development services is understanding the level of support that you and your unique business will require. For example, we can fully train your staff to utilize the tools and features that we build into a website or framework, or in the event that you would rather have a “hands-off” experience that includes the support of BCS to manage ongoing maintenance and support, we will work with your needs and optimize your budget.


The platforms that we offer allow BCS to provide high flexibility to our clients. This allows our clients the ability to grow as a business and we can continually evolve our solutions to meet expanding needs.

Content Management

BCS has worked with numerous web platforms, including many solutions that we have built on our own BCS platform. Our primary goal is to select solutions that make sense for your organization or business both now and in the long run. Depending on your needs and the features that we foresee being necessary in the future, we select a platform with you that will grow with your needs instead of requiring a completely new web platform within a couple of years.

We’ve worked extensively with WordPress, CraftCMS, Expression Engine and have working knowledge with other systems such as Drupal, Joomla or ModX. If there is a platform you currently use, we can work with you and it for optimal ease and success.

Enterprise Level Approach

We approach your web solutions not simply as a design project, but as a company-wide initiative to improve your operations, marketing and sales capabilities. Websites are no longer simply “just a website”. They are the gateway to your business that potential and existing customers use to help meet their needs or learn if you are the right choice to solve their problems. It is a vital part of your business strategy and we approach it precisely this way.

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