Today’s online markets provide endless opportunities for businesses to compete locally and across the world. eCommerce has transformed the landscape of business by providing instant access to connected shoppers and potential customers anywhere. Our eCommerce services include consultation, setup and configuration, and strategic development of solutions designed for your immediate and long term growth.


BCS has deep expertise implementing and customizing Magento based eCommerce sites, including building automated integration with advanced business inventory management software like Acctivate. Combining the native facilities of these packages along with select industry add-ons and custom code created by BCS, we are able to deliver highly effective, low cost, fully automated solutions to address customer business needs which exceed any other available approach in the market today.

Magento is one of the most powerful enterprise level eCommerce platforms available and, understandably, its flexibility and the wide range of features equate to a difficult and complex customization process. BCS works with our clients to determine which features make the most sense for their eCommerce needs and we tailor the software to meet those specifications and requirements.


Another eCommerce option, WooCommerce, is a powerful shopping platform that plugs directly and seamlessly into one of the most popular web frameworks used today – WordPress. WooCommerce is a flexible online shopping solution that allows easy integration of products, services, subscriptions, online content and much more through a free open-source base platform.

We have extensive experience setting up and configuring WooCommerce shops to optimize your company’s preferred look, feel, custom features, fields and integrations.

Acctivate Inventory Management

Equally important as the correct capabilities to properly accept and manage orders online are your inventory management capabilities. Once eCommerce operations gain traction and begin rapidly scaling up, improvements to inventory management and tracking make incredibly large differences in your bottom line budget and profitability.

BCS has expertise in working with Acctivate business inventory management software, which we pair with custom developed solutions which work in tandem with in-house software to create a highly effective, low cost, and fully automated end-to-end solution to customer, order and inventory management.

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