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Microsoft Dynamics CRM

One integrated solution to manage Sales, Marketing and Customer Service. Win customers and build long-term relationships. Microsoft Dynamics CRM allows you to better understand your customers and stay connected with them more easily. You get access to comprehensive account information, easy-to-use collaboration tools, and an affordable and flexible CRM solution that enables you to deliver great customer experiences.


Stay focused. Build trust. Sell more.

Your customers often make buying decisions before you can even connect. Your sales team must adapt to new customer dynamics by building deeper relationships and personalizing every interaction. With the sales capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, your salespeople can sell and manage more effectively. By providing the essential insight, guidance, and tools that salespeople need, you can focus on the right customers and priorities, win faster by collaborating with colleagues to harness the power of the entire organization, and build trusted relationships with customers and clients through personalized and relevant engagement.

Listen everywhere. Analyze sentiment. Drive engagement.

The world is changing at an unprecedented pace and social media is at the core of customer interaction. Today’s customers make decisions based on user reviews and online discussions. Conversations that were once in person now take place on Facebook or Twitter. People are more informed and they’re getting their information in new ways and from new sources. With Microsoft Social Engagement, you can listen, analyze and drive engagement all within Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft Dynamics Marketing, or standalone. Jump in and engage with your customers, reaching them in ways never before possible.

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