Learning Management Systems (LMS)

Learning Management Systems have become a huge staple in the world of online business. Users are becoming more and more familiar with the concept of non-traditional learning environments and are now actively seeking opportunities to expand their skills with online learning.

This approach, while very economical for customers, offers incredible opportunities for companies that have skills which can be taught and verified through online courses and education and testing programs.

Our Approach

There is no shortage of LMS providers in the market today; an online search will produce numerous pre-packaged LMS platforms that can be set up rather quickly. What they especially lack, however, are customization, flexibility, and service.

These are the areas where BCS and our LMS solutions shine!


Because our LMS platform is completely custom-tailored from the ground up, it is capable of doing literally whatever you need it do.

From adaptive loading screens to specific course behavior throughout the learning process, our LMS platform can be adjusted to fit exactly what your organization and audience require.


Pre-packaged LMS platforms can be great at what they do … however, it is likely, and unfortunately, usually ALL that they can do.

Many BCS clients came from using ‘off-the-shelf’ LMS solutions after having quickly exhausted those systems’ capabilities. With no way to expand or extend functionality, they were forced to migrate to another and better platform.

Our LMS management platform will endlessly evolve to meet the changing needs of your company and programs.


Where you may be able to purchase an LMS platform for a few hundred dollars a year, you – as the customer – are now additionally responsible for configuration, setup, course creation, payment integration, content drip feeding and every other aspect of a successful LMS.

BCS works with you and your organization directly to ensure the complete LMS platform is setup correctly to say and do what you need it to – in order to best serve your customers.

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